Every time I come back to Hugo as a static-site/blog generator after a long layoff, I look at all the themes available at https://themes.gohugo.io, and since I’m thinking about starting some new sites, I went back to see how my current favorite theme, Terminal (used by this site), was doing.

It still looks great but was “retired” by its developer Radosław Kozieł about 7 months ago.

Since I don’t update the Hugo binary very often (I tend to download it to my working directory instead of using “distro” Hugo), I didn’t notice any problems — mostly because there aren’t any.

But with new sites, I might want to use Fedora’s Hugo (or a new downloaded binary, which applications in Golang make so easy) and definitely want a currently supported/developed theme.

One of the features of Terminal that I really liked was the ability to set one of many colors, so different sites would have a slightly different look but share the same bones.

So I’ll be searching the theme directory to see what looks good for my Hugo-blogging future.