My 2012 HP Pavilion g6 laptop’s keyboard and touchpad are working intermittently. I’ve already replaced the keyboard twice. They are crazy cheap to buy (and also cheap in quality), but I’m tired of doing it. Not sure what is wrong with the touchpad, but it’s about time to cut my losses.

The laptop has run Fedora for a LONG time. It is now on F30. It has gone through many upgrades between about 2013 and 2019. I did a backup and downloaded the Fedora 32 upgrade, but that’s as far as I went. I have all the user files backed up. I could plug in an external keyboard and mouse, and it’ll work fine, but it’s pretty slow. It’s not worth investing in a SATA SSD and is already maxed out at 8 GB of RAM.

So I’ll keep it for now as a last-resort backup.